Relaunching our Minimate store!

Relaunching our Minimate store!

Welcome to the relaunch of Luke's Toy Store!

We are excited to show you the changes we have been working on. Some of the new features include:

  • A modern look and better mobile experience (our last revamp was in 2012!)

  • Bigger thumbnail images that make it easier to browse our loose Minimates and parts

  • A better wishlist system, including being able to share your list easily with friends and family

  • A faster browsing experience with more ways to filter what products you see

  • New ways to earn Lukers Rewards, with awesome new rewards coming soon

  • New payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay

What about your preorders and rewards in our previous store?

  • Your previous preorders are all still valid and will ship when the items come in-stock - contact us if you need a copy of your preorder contents

  • Your Luker Rewards have been transferred to our new store! You can start redeeming them through the rewards button in the lower left corner

Thank you for all of your support over the past 13+ years!

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