We Buy Minimate Lots

We Buy Loose Minimates

Are you looking to unload some Minimates, or even sell your entire collection? We buy lots of loose Minimates! We have the following 3 requirements:

  1. The lot should have at least 100 Minimates in it before we would be interested in purchasing.

  2. Loose Minimates must be individually bagged with their accessories (if you have them), or bagged as the original 2-pack or 4-pack with all accessories. If you need little bags, Wal-Mart sells them in their craft section in packs of 100 bags for $3.

  3. The Minimates must be sent to us using a trackable method of shipping.
We are always upfront with people who are looking to sell large lots - you will get more money if you split up your lot and list each figure individually on eBay. But if you would like to sell the entire lot at once, or are looking to make some quick cash, we buy Minimate lots on a regular basis.
We are not currently buying part lots.
For more information, or to offer us a Minimates lot or collection, please contact us.