What Are Minimates?

Minimates are stylized block figures produced by Diamond Select Toys. They are between 2” and 3” tall, with tons of swappable parts. They were created in 2002, and the brand has been growing steadily ever since.

Why are Minimates awesome?

A wide variety of licenses means that you can have characters from Marvel, G.I. JOE, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Walking Dead, Aliens, Predator, The Night Before Christmas, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and more all on the same shelf, at the same scale, and with the same style.

Swappable parts means that you can swap parts between numerous figures to make your own creations. And Minimates usually come with extra parts, like extra hair pieces to make unmasked looks. Some Minimates come with LOTS of extra parts, like a Hulk figure that holds a Bruce Banner figure underneath.

More movable and poseable than other mini-figures. For example, Lego figures only have 7 points of articulation (joints), while most Minimates have 14 points. This makes them more fun to play with!

An amazing online community, with discussion forums, review sites, customizing resources, photo databases, and an overall passion that is highly contagious.

Order Marvel Minimates Online

We are proud to be in the top 3 retailers in the entire world for Minimates, and even prouder to be a strong part of the Minimate community. We were fans first before we were a retailer, and we truly believe that Minimates is the greatest action figure line of all time.